Can Testosterone Help Your Mental Health?

Can Testosterone Help Your Mental Health?

Depression is a global pandemic, and the WHO has actually predicted it will be  the leading cause of disability worldwide by 2030. We have some good options, but are always looking for additional treatment modalities, so some people have come up with the idea that testosterone might be good for depressive symptoms. Some people claim that testosterone is basically a magic treatment for everything, but what does the data say about testosterone and depression? Let's dive in and talk about it!


00:00 - Intro

01:01 - The origin of this idea

03:37 - The link between depression and testosterone

05:38 - 2019 Meta Analysis

10:15 - Why not just start someone on therapy?

11:36 - Where does testosterone fit in the treatment plan for depression?

13:43 - My personal take

15:33 - The case for testosterone

16:58 - Outro

*Disclaimer* This podcast is for entertainment, education, and informational purposes only. The topics  discussed should not solely be used to diagnose, treat , or prevent any condition.  The information presented here was created with an evidence based approach, but you please keep in mind that science is always changing and at the time of listening to this there may some new data that makes this information incomplete or inaccurate. Always seek the advice of your personal physician or qualified health care provider for questions regarding any medical condition.


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