How to read a lipid panel (BLA S2E8)

How to read a lipid panel (BLA S2E8)

Have you ever wondered what the tests on your lipid/cholesterol test actually mean? Well in this week's episode I will dive into what all those tests, what we look for as physicians, and how you can feel confident in better understanding what those tests mean.


00:00 - Intro

00:20 - Standard Lipid Panel

02:23 - Total Cholesterol

03:53 - How Fasting Changes Total Cholesterol

05:35 - LDL-C vs LDL-P 06:52 -

ApoB 08:05 - Which Lipoproteins Can Get Into The Endothelium?

09:29 - The Insulin Resistant Patient Profile

10:59 - How To Intrepret Your Lipid Panel

14:37 - My Take On How To Look At A Lipid Panel

16:23 - Lipid Panels are just a tool

18:00 - Outro

*Disclaimer* This video is for entertainment, education, and informational purposes only. The topics  discussed should not solely be used to diagnose, treat , or prevent any condition.  The information presented here was created with an evidence based approach, but you please keep in mind that science is always changing and at the time of listening to this there may some new data that makes this information incomplete or inaccurate. Always seek the advice of your personal physician or qualified health care provider for questions regarding any medical condition.