The world is filled with so much information.... so how do you know who to trust? Well, I've curated a list here of my favorite resources/people to follow that have helped me on my educational journey. I have no financial disclosures, but rather I just wanted to help guide you to people I learn from because there is way too much to learn on your own!


Macrofactor: This is a macro counting app that I have used for over a year now and I absolutely love it. This is created by the folks over at Stronger By Science and it uses an incredibly smart and adaptive AI algorithm to help coach you towards your goals. Additionally, the program is adherence neutral which means that it doesn't judge, yell at you, or inundate you with red letters or alerts if you don't hit your goals. I am super frugal, so the fact that I pay for something means I really believe in it.

Nutrition Made Simple!: This is a phenomenal Youtube channel run by MD/PHD Gil Carvalho that offers a nuanced and reasonable approach to interpreting and implementing nutrition science.

Sigma Nutrition: Another great resource for evidence based information on diet. Rigorous, fair, and practical in their takes.


Layne Norton, PhD: PhD in Nutritional Sciences and competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. Offers evidence based exercise and nutrition advice.

Stronger By Science: Makers of the the above listed Macrofactor app, the two guys behind this project are impressive bodybuilders/powerlifters that have advanced degress in the realm of nutrition and exercise science. They excel at statistical analyses and interpreting research into applicable ways.

Functional Bodybuilding: My current workout program. Lead by former Crossfit Games athlete Marcus Filly, this monthly subscription program has multiple tracks to choose from to find the right fit for you. This is definitely a more functional fitness based programming just so you are aware. I think he has smart progressions/regressions and doesn't program insane volume.

Eric Cressey: I'm a baseball guy at heart, so of course Eric will be a favorite of mine. However, he is well versed in all things training and not just baseball. He has some solid programs that are well designed and is a very sharp individual who does happent to specialize in overhead athletes but knows more than I can forget about training.

Rehabilitation/ Physical Therapy

Ryan Summers DPT: Ryan is a physical therapist who works for The Active Life and is exceptional at what he does. Well versed in the literature, and does an amazing job of implementing it to help athletes of all walks of life. I've personally worked with him for some injuries I have had and he has helped me tremdously.

Mike Reinold: Mike is a physical therapist based out of Boston, and is one of the leaders of the online rehabilitation space. He has published multiple peer reviewed papers, and he really understands research. He is also a fantastic education and I've learned a lot from him.

Dan Pope: Dan is a physical therapist and fellow meathead who loves all things gym. He has some great resources on his website for helping people stay pain free and continue to work out despite having injuries.


Barbell Medicine: Lead by two physicians, Barbell Medicine is a great resources for all things health with a slant towards the lifting/more active crowd. Both are incredible accomplished powerlifters and intelligent, and offer nuanced takes on complicated topics ranging from medical topics, lifting, nutrition, and pain and rehabilitation.

Peter Attia, MD: Peter is a physician focused on the science of longevity, but his expertise can be used for anybody even if they aren't focused on longevity. I have learned an incredible amount from his podcast that I continue to use on a day in and day out basis.