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Oct 09
Cholesterol MYTHBUSTERS Part 2 (BLA S2 Extra 2)
Oct 09
Cholesterol FAQs (BLA Season 2 Bonus 1)
Oct 09
Cholesterol Cliff Notes (BLA S2E10)
May 10
All Thing Statins... (BLA S2E9)
May 04
How to read a lipid panel (BLA S2E8)
Apr 27
How to lower your cholesterol with diet and supplements (BLA S2E7)
Apr 20
Cardiac Imaging... When Should I Get It Done? (BLA S2 E6)
Apr 12
How Physicians Are SUPPOSED to Manage Your Cholesterol (BLA S2 E5)
Apr 04
The LDL Hypothesis (BLA S2E4)
Mar 28
Epidemiology 101: How We Study Heart Disease (BLA S2E3)
Mar 21
Atherosclerosis 101: The Basics of Heart Disease (BLA S2E2)
Mar 16
Lipid Metabolism 101: Understanding the Basics of cholesterol (BLA Podcast S2E1)