About Me

Hey! My name is Jordan Rennicke and I am a dual board certified physician in both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. That might sound complicated, but all that it really means is that I've taken care of thousands of patients in my career and that I have a passion for helping everybody be active and healthy for life!

Purpose of this website

I felt there was a need for honest, straightforward, yet nuanced health information on the internet. With the whole world looking to be "correct" all the time on social media, I wanted to show that when we learn sometimes we make mistakes and our views change. And that's ok. In fact, that's science. So, my goal is to bring you science based information on all things medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, and strength and conditioning to help you stay active for life.

Why should I trust you?

What makes me unique is that I get what it's like to be you. I've been a college athlete, suffered injuries and set backs, struggled with medical conditions, and now find myself in the role trying to stay active for life.  Additionally, a lot of people online can help you stay fit or help rehabilitate your injuries, but what I pride myself in the most is that I can take care of the entire athlete due to my unique background in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. Whether you are looking for advice on lifting, nutrition, or a specific health topic, it is my goal to be a trusted resource for you to help you on your health journey.

What Does "Building Lifelong Athletes" even mean?

I chose Building Lifelong Athletes as the name of my podcast because I thought it encompassed the mindset that I think we should all have. I truly believe that everybody is an athlete (even if they don't know it yet), and that as humans we should strive to be active and healthy for life. However, this isn't easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work. So, essentially I feel that we all need to "build" ourselves as athletes over our lifetimes, to help keep us as fit, healthy, and functional as possible.