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Do you struggle with MSK medicine?

Our comprehensive, yet simplified approach to teaching musculoskeletal medicine helps get you ready to tackle anything that walks, limps, or crutches through your clinic doors.

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Stop being worried about seeing sports medicine complaints in your clinic again.

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Deliver the musculoskeletal care your patients deserve within your primary care clinic

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Do you hope that nothing related to bones and joints shows up in your clinic?

You are not alone. Musculoskeletal medicine is woefully taught in our professional schools, despite it being so crucially important to primary care. If you feel this way, this course will empower you to not only be ready for those complaints, but to look forward to them!

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Are you worried your learners won't be ready for primary care practice?

This course was specifically designed to get learners of all levels up to speed with primary care musculoskeletal medicine.  Designed by a primary care sports medicine physician who understands the unique struggles of the primary clinicians. What makes this course so unique? Here are three reasons...


This course gives you a practical way to assess and manage complaints in your own primary care clinic.

Primary Care Focused

We know what it's like to be a primary care clinician. This course is built with the understanding of the challenges you face.

Proven Methods

This is the same curriculum that has been used to teach hundreds of residents, students, and practicing clinicians.

The step by step program for students and clinicians who want to gain confidence in their sports medicine skills without having to go back to school


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Learn Functional Anatomy

Each module starts off with some anatomy... but only the clinically relevant kind! We understand you aren't a musculoskeletal radiologist, but every clinician should have a basic understanding of anatomy. We deliver brief, yet highly relevant anatomy to help you deliver better care.

Learn Physical Exam Tests

Physical exam maneuvers are the foundation of a thorough musculoskeletal exam, but we understand they can sometimes get confusing.  We teach the basic exam techniques for every main joint of the body to help you be able to tackle any complaint that comes to your clinic.

Build A Differential

Every joint has a dedicated module to the various pathology that can be found at that location. After going through these modules, you will be able to build robust differential diagnoses for any complaint.

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